Ignacio Merino is a multidisciplinary designer born in Spain. With a cosmopolitan character, he lived in Italy, Germany and Czech Republic and currently based in Switzerland. Before graduating from the Engineering School at Zaragoza, he started to work as designer in a governmental program for electric-car-development where his BA Thesis, “Product design methodologies applied to electric car design” was developed.

For the next four year he stayed immerse in the Italian and German automotive industry working for Maserati and Audi among other brands. Volumes-behaviour in space and contemporary aesthetic merged into a clear vision of current products.

In 2016 he eventually opted for the Master Program in ECAL where he’s currently doing his master Thesis project and working as freelancer.

Ignacio is concern about the complexity of modern constructions. Understand and reinterpret the interaction of our complex surrounding is the current goal of his work.